Saturday, 23 August 2008

diving for pearls of wisdom

A few days ago I was blogsurfing, rather mindlessly, and found another gem of a blog here. It's called The Gods Are Bored. Praise and worship suggestions for those longing to be Left Behind. In a recent post, she explained the workings of fundamentalist Christianity (and in my opinion any fundamentalism):

You want to travel from Detroit to Tampa. There is only one route from Detroit to Tampa. It is Interstate 75. You may not take any other route from Detroit to Tampa. There are certain exits from the Interstate that you cannot take, because they may lead you to a store that sells fireworks or some such. Or worse, those exits might lead you to an alternative route to Tampa.

There is no other destination if you are leaving Detroit, except Tampa. No other city is as great as Tampa. Don't listen if anyone tells you that, say, Indianapolis is just as nice, or that you can actually proceed past Tampa to Sanibel Island. Or that you can get to Tampa by taking a little detour and winding up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and maybe in comparison to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tampa suddenly doesn't seem as appealing.

Have a look-see, she's good.

Also, one of the commenters and a great blogger herself, yellowdog granny, made a great point about how careless fundamentalist Christians are: they are forever keep losing track of their God, having to resort to asking others whether they've found Jesus...

PS. I just remembered that recommending bloggers you like is a bit like awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to a living person. You never know if they're going to fuck up and let you down tomorrow. I'm just saying I take no responsibility whatsoever. Fortunately there won't be any messy business of reclaiming the prize money either.

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