Wednesday, 13 August 2008

cup o' Joe

No, for a change this has nothing to do with Mr.My.God, this is about one of my favourite addictions: caffeine.

As far as addictions go, you could do worse. I never was a heavy drinker anyway and I've recently cut down to a couple of cups a day, if that. I usually start out with one cup of "real" coffee when I get to work, then for the rest of the day I drink decaf (it's all machine-coffee, all equally not-that-bad-but-not-great-either, so it doesn't matter much to me) and at night when I get home, I allow myself one big mug of good coffee - and since I stopped drinking so much of it during the day I often don't take myself up on that one.

But perhaps I should start drinking more of the hard stuff again. This recent article in the New York Times not only sums up all the ways coffee isn't bad for you, it even suggests a couple of ways in which it's good. With my weight I'm at increased risk for type 2 diabetes, so lowering that risk by 28% sounds pretty good.

EDIT: This post isn't about this Cup of Joe either.

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Will said...

The problem with these studies is that six months after the one that tells you something is good for you is issued, another study tells you it's bad; or that it WILL cut the danger of stroke and heart attack by 60% but increases the chance of cancer by 80%.