Saturday, 16 August 2008

agony uncles

As of this month, I have not one, but two gay agony uncles (I swear I didn't type "aunts" the first time round!) on my blogroll. Gay Banker has been there for a while, combining advise and other blogging and now Father Tony of Farmboyz fame has joined The Bilerico Project with a dedicated advise column.

Judging from the first two instalments and his thoughtful, compassionate posts elsewhere, he will help lots of people. I love his description as "a Roman Catholic priest who has been on an extended vacation from that vocation for many years". He may have walked out and turned his back on life as a priest, but he obviously hasn't lost the pastoral vocation; I would love to be one of his flock.

I bet Rome doesn't even realise what a treasure it's missing and the sad thing is that if they did, they still wouldn't be able to get over themselves and accept him.

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Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

It's knowing you're reading that will keep me on my toes. Screw the Vatican. I don't think I'll ever eat lunch in that town again.