Sunday, 22 June 2008

things you don't expect to see in a gay bar

Last night, observant readers will know, was Doctor Who night at K's. I'm going through yet another crochet phase, so I hauled the spool of yarn and the almost-blanket-sized project with me on the train. I was there in no-time.

There were also quite a few - aside: my train of thought keeps getting interrupted by K walking in naked. He just informed me today's projects are finding him a gym and me some clothes that fit - quite a few people dressed in orange on the trains, being loud in more than one way. I assume they were going to watch Holland play in the quarter finals of the European Championships and were taking an advance on the party.

At K's, we enjoyed a takeaway Chinese and an excellent episode of Doctor Who, then went out to Prik. Walking over there, Sunshine mentioned they might be showing the football there, but we quickly shrugged it off; watching football in a gay bar? come on!

As it turns out, there was football on a big screen in the back of the bar. At first we hung around at the front, until I noticed some space opening up outside. K was surprised I didn't want to hang around and watch, after all football and gay bars are two of my favourite things.

But somehow it didn't work for me, so we had a nice chat with some guys outside (I was going to say "nice chaps", but that might have caused unnecessary confusion).

EDIT: On our way to Prik we always pass by the Scientology chapel here in Amsterdam. To my surprise a large number of people had gathered there to watch the game. I wonder what they think caused the defeat of the Dutch...

EDIT - bis: My dear friend Wyllym (not the one from Willy or Won't He, although if he lived any farther north he would be Canadian too...) and I chatted about scientology and how I find it interesting probably because I've always liked science fiction. He sent me L. Ron Hubbard's Mission Earth series, which I should upload to my preccious to read on the 90-minute commute (that's 90 minutes one way).

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evilganome said...

I know what you mean. There is a gay sports bar (talk about an oxymoron) here in Boston.