Sunday, 29 June 2008


Last night Doctor Who night was quite short, I arrived at K's fifteen minutes before it started and went home about the same time after it ended. I had ten minutes to catch my train (a direct train goes every thirty minutes) and I knew I could easily catch it, so I walked at a brisk pace, but didn't hurry.

As I reache the station, I thought I was home safe. All I had to do was get up the escalator to the platform and the nearest train door would probably be three steps away.

But there was a snag. At the bottom of the stairs a pair of security guys (grey suits, little V-shaped badge on their lapels) were checking tickets. This is something that has happened in recent years. Before that the rail company itself would organise such checks and the people conducting them would be, well, conductors. They understood passengers, if a train was about to leave, they'd wave you through. Unlike them, the security staff have no such consideration, the service part of transporting people from one place to another efficiently doesn't matter to them, rules are rules and that's it.

Having finally taken that hurdle, I ran up the escalator, trying to ignore a pang in my right calf muscle about halfway up. Having been slowed down by the guards and the pain in my leg, I found the doors on the train closing just as I reached the platform. But I know that the conductor always closes his or her door last and that sometimes they're friendly enough to wait for stragglers. Looking left and right I spotted a young blond conductor in an open door at the front of the train, which, fortunately was not that far away, about four compartments from me.

I sprinted towards her. At least, I tried. Another and more painful, I can only call it a snap, occured in my calf. I was in pain, still hobbling towards the door. Only when I got on did I truly realise the agony and spent a good few minutes leaning over the railing (it was a double-decker train) puffing and groaning. I don't know what happened exactly, it truly felt like something snapped and now it's pretty painful to stretch my leg - but I try to do it anyway, otherwise it seizes up. Fortunately I managed to sleep without too much trouble, I was afraid of waking up with a terrible cramp and/or unable to move it at all. So for now I'll keep trying to stretch it from time to time and if there's any fetching and carrying at work tomorrow, my colleagues can do it.

Monday night update: The pain, which could only be described as hell before, has subsided to something more like purgatory.

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