Sunday, 15 June 2008

Manna from heaven

Mind Fuck by Manna FrancisThank you very much Casperian Books for sending me the first two books in Manna Francis' Administration Series.

And of course thank you Manna for writing them and for e-mailing me about the release of Quid Pro Quo.

They arrived yesterday and I'm halfway through Mind Fuck. I'm re-reading it, because I read it first on her website. I must say it's great of Casperian not just to publish something that has been out there on the interwebz for a while, but also allow her to keep it up there.

Quid Pro Quo by Manna FrancisPlease, go and read some of the stories at Manna's Own Slashfic Archive and if you like what you've read, I strongly recommend you buy the books!

They're a snip at only $15.00 each and if you're in Europe, that's very good news: I paid €25,00 or 26,00 for both, including shipping.

PS. Sorry about the pun. I'm sure she hasn't heard it before, though...

I'm going back to my reading.

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