Sunday, 29 June 2008

location, location, location – a musical post

This morning I was on the sofa, resting my leg and listening to Amy MacDonald's album This Is The Life when the hidden track Caledonia came on. I thought I wasn't really thinking of anything, but apparently my brains were mulling things over, because suddenly I knew I would have to post a list of Rufus Wainwright songs about towns and places. He has written quite a few (and sung several more by others, but I excluded those from the first list) and without further ado - and in no particular order of preference - here is my top ten:

14th Street
Leaving for Paris
Memphis Skyline
Going to a Town

As a bonus, I'm adding another list, which I like to call "Heavenly bodies" (I'm not planning on making a regular list feature, so I don't have to save it for next time). These are not all songs written by Rufus himself, but the list grew spontaneously as I was compiling the songs about towns and places theme:

Release the Stars
Oh What A World
In Heaven
It's Only A Paper Moon
Vicious World
In A Graveyard*
Across the Universe
Shut Down the World
I'll Build A Stairway to Paradise
Over The Rainbow

* Perhaps it doesn't seem this one should be part of the list, certainly it is the only song that doesn't qualify because of its title. However it has the most amazing lyrics:
Wandering properties of death
Arresting moons within our eyes and smiles
We did rest
Amongst the granite tombs to catch our breath

Worldly sounds of endless warring
Were for just a moment silent stars
Worldly boundaries of dying
Were for just a moment never ours
All was new
Just as the black horizon's blue

Then along the bending path away
I smiled in knowing I’d be back one day



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