Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I AM noticeable!

These are good days for my confidence: work is going well, last night a bus driver made a pass at me - I intend to have coffee as he suggested - and this morning I realised that the free newspaper people (I walk by about six of them every morning, handing out free papers at the station) recognise me.

When I change my route or routine, or a new person appears, it only takes a few days to remember me among all the other people rushing by them on a daily basis. I rarely take their offerings, but I always smile and say good morning. After just a few days they will hold back their prize, so eagerly proffered to others, smile and bid me good morning before I have the chance to say it to them.

1 comment:

evilganome said...

Wooo Hoooooo! Bus driver, huh? Good for you. Let's hope this is a trend of good luck that will spread across the internet. I hope things keep going better and better for you.