Friday, 27 June 2008


Fridays are always pretty quiet at work, but today is extreme. Strange how most of those who left late last night are here, when quite a few who left early or didn't come at all aren't.

I felt great after four hours of sleep and not at all hung over. But then I was never drunk to begin with, that's the good thing about drinking beer when you're used to strong liquour and wine. It's also a danger, he you start slamming them - I did find my glass empty surprisingly fast a few times, but nothing serious.

There was a bit of a dip before lunch when I was just waiting for a new script to enter a lot of data (with a couple of interruptions it took three hours, it would have taken a person a week) as I revised the working instruction I wrote for it. No, I don't code, I sat next to a guy who can and told him what we needed it to do. Not being able to use the computer for anything else is a drawback, though.

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