Sunday, 25 May 2008

more pretty things

Today I was looking for a glass pot for K's French press at the Bijenkorf, an upmarket department store (himself prefers Bodum) and found something for myself too.

This is Arian Brekveld's Fresh Traveler a way to take cereal (in the bottom compartment) and milk or another liquid (in the top) with you to have breakfast somewhere else. I've been thinking about this for some time, whether I had some type of suitable tupperware box to take with me, but then I'd have to pre-mix the ingredients and the cereal would go soggy.

So now I'm going to get up tomorrow morning, fill the top with cold yoghurt and take it with me. The bottom already has summer cruesli (with apple and raspberry), which I will poor onto the yoghurt on the train or at work, achieving the perfect combination of crispy cereal and cold dairy.


Dan4th said...

One thing I used to do, when I was travelling, was put granola and powdered milk in a tupperware. I'd add cold water and shake when I was ready to eat it.

It wasn't "good" but it worked.

SubtleKnife said...

This actually works very well, I'm once again happy with an impulse buy.

I also found that, although it's not really meant for hot liquids, it's a convenient container for taking drinks with me on my way back home.

And thanks for mentioning granola, I was trying to think of the word.