Thursday, 1 May 2008

more Moët for a classy Queen's Day

I was going to blog about yesterday's Queen's Day but unfortunately I've been called away to tend to my fag - and probably clean his windows...

The story I had originally intended will appear here some time in the next few days, I have internet access at his place, so maybe I can find a few minutes, but I can't upload my pictures of crazy people dressed in orange on boats creating complete mayhem on the canals.

Oops! I forgot I have internet access on my phone, so I can blog anywhere. On the train, for instance:

Yesterday was so much fun, I almost don't know where to start. I got to Amsterdam around half past noon and it was already brimming with people. Fortunately K lives near the station now. In the compartment with me were about a dozen people, three-quarters non-Dutch, yet almost all wearing some (or more) item of orange clothing.

As I navigated my way through the stalls, organised and unorganised, I found the downstairs neighbour manning a garage sale of her own. Queen's Day is a freemarket day, you see, when everybody has a jumble sale at their front door or on a blanket in the park or in a (semi-)professional stall, the space for which has been measured and taped off for days...

The front door was open so I went straight us, finding Pushine at his laptop and K in his bath. That bath was a must for his new place. As it is now, I would say it's liveable, but K may disagree. He had already had Sunshine scrub the fridge (which was necessary) and take down the vertical blinds. A wall-mounted shelf had also gone, to be replaced by a flat screen TV this afternoon.

Later on a friend came by and took a horribly stained and generally ugly chair down the steep and narrow stairs. K was so anxious to be rid of it that he paid the guy thirty euros.

At different points in the day I went out to
- buy wine
- give the neighbours a bottle of Moët
- get takeaway Indian
- look at the unsold rubbish left on the canal side
but other than that I just hung out in the apartment (and occasionally out the window) enjoying being able to witness all the mayhem from a safe distance.

I turned the sofa (if anybody is willing to pick up a chocolate-coloured leather two-seater sofa, let me know. You would have to get it downstairs somehow, there is one of those beams you can attach a pulley to upstairs) around so it was in front of the windows, which was an extremely relaxing way to enjoy Queen's Day.

P.S. This predictive text function on my cellphone obviously has my number. When I type in "steep", the first thing it comes up with is "queer".

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