Friday, 30 May 2008

[forgotten title]

I'm on the train home. It's 10:30 AM.

Despite the relatively early hour. i think I can safely say that today was one of the most gruelling days I've had recently. After oversleeping slightly, but not too badly, I had to run for the bus because it was early - and missed it.

Walking to the station I received a nice soaking.

The change of trains in Rotterdam went without a hitch, but that was only to lull of back into a false sense of security. In Gouda (named after a cheese, how silly) we were all asked to get off the train because it couldn't go any further due to a signal- and electrical failure up ahead.

I called my direct boss and left a message, called one of my direct colleagues to let them know too, then waited for two hours for the trains to start running again.

Finally, just as I decided enough was enough, my boss called back and said the same thing.

Why can't I be happy with an afternoon off instead of pissed off at a morning lost?

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