Friday, 23 May 2008

full frontal

I think I may just have been the cause of an accident. I didn't do anything wrong, in fact I was standing still on the pavement when it happened, but I have a feeling the eyes of both drivers were on me rather than on the road where they should have been.

I was running to the bus stop this morning, not an uncommon occurrence. In passing him I asked a gentleman who always walks his dog at this time coming from the opposite direction: "Has the bus been yet?"

He told me not to worry, so I slowed down a little. By the time I reached the corner opposite the stop I had heard the bus' heavy engine coming towards us and I saw it coming from my right. I stopped, waiting for it to pass so that I could walk around the back (there were two other people waiting and the stop is on the corner, so I had plenty of time).

To be perfectly honest, I hadn't even noticed the car coming from the other direction (to me, the bus' right) and apparently neither did the bus driver. Only one of us was supposed to yield to him and it wasn't me, I was going parallel to him.

They met at the intersection, the car going full-frontal against the most forward right side of the bus, the part with the door. The glass in that door exploded, but fortunately it was safety glass, so the street was strewn with hundreds of relatively harmless chunks. The car did what it was supposed to do and absorbed all the shock in its front end so the driver was okay. It didn't even look that bad, but the hood had buckled somewhat and there's on telling what kind of internal damage there was.

The driver of the car was - understandably - visibly upset, the bus driver less so, but I have to declare I never really liked her anyway so my judgement may be clouded. She just always looks so sour, great for making people unwelcome on your bus. She must have called the police, as that is protocol, but I couldn't hang around. Feeling slightly guilty (Should I have stayed as a witness? Did I do something wrong to cause this?) I walked to the train station. After about ten steps I felt drops of rain and was sure it was my punishment.

EDIT: as further punishment I pulled a muscle in my shoulder on the way to the station. It hurts like hell.

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