Monday, 5 May 2008

common decency

Yesterday was the official remembrance ceremony for all those (military and civilian) who have fallen, at home and abroad, during wars, peacekeeping operations etc. There were lots of other ceremonies across the country and many people in homes and other places adhere to the two minutes silence at eight o'clock.

I watched the queen lay a wreath at the National Monument on the Dam on TV with K and two friends. Earlier that day we were late for church, but still got to light the candles we brought in remembrance.

Then when I got home and tried to step off the train, a middle-aged couple just barged into me. The tracks in Delft are at an angle, slanting away from the platform, making it quite a big step down. As I had already committed to taking this step, gravity was making it impossible to stop. You would land and usually be propelled forward for a step or two. In front an behind of were others, a continuous stream, all doing the same.

Sometimes when it's busy you get people thronging at both sides of the doors, leaving only a narrow passage for those trying to get off the train, but this couple walked straight into the traffic of people leaving the train.

I said something like "hold on a second, sir", but he didn't hear or he didn't listen. There was no way I could avoid it, you can't change directions in mid-air, so I bumped into the gentleman.

The lady muttered something indistinguishable and them she scowled at me!

Call me a grumpy old woman, but I believe it is common decency to wait until everyone who wants to do so has vacated the train.

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evilganome said...

They sound like Bostonians.