Saturday, 17 May 2008

breast enhancement

I stopped by the local chemist this afternoon after picking up some groceries my mother had forgotten to buy. They also have a little neighbourhood post agency in there, plus they sell magazines and a few books, but the reason I'm in there most often is for their office supplies.

Today I went in to buy a few pens. These Stabilo Cult pens have fast become favourites of mine for scribbling stories and blog ideas in my notebook and at work (I have to get a work ballpoint for my mother, though.)

I like the black ones, I'm not sure why; I went through a phase of using black ink in my fountain pen in high school too. So I got a couple of those, plus one each of red and green. I like to mark my TV listings magazine: black for programs I might enjoy if I'm watching at the time, green for shows I would like to see and red for the ones I cannot miss.

As I approached the counter I noticed a display that promised bigger and firmer breasts. There were some boxes of product and them there was a tester spray!

The lady behind the cash register didn't know how people were supposed to test it either; she hadn't seen anyone pulling up their shirts, obviously.


evilganome said...

It's a comfort to know there are other pen whores out there. I am not quite sure what it is about them, but there is something incredibly satisfying about a pen that is "right".

It seems every time I find one that I just love, they stop making it, or improve the design and I have to start the search for the perfect pen all over again.

Spray on breasts? My goodness, what will they think of next?

SubtleKnife said...

Don't you have it when they "improve" the design? If it ain't broke...

I'm not sure whether I'm a pen whore or just very scared I might run out, but this morning the pen-count in my bag was six.