Thursday, 1 May 2008

big screen

I'm having a hard time not reading anything about last Saturday's episode of Doctor Who. I haven't watched it yet, due to some untimely, but not completely unexpected, stupidity on my part: I got distracted and ended up at the DVD rental place getting the Simpsons movie, some B-movie called Gabriel and Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia - funnily enough I'd never tasted that flavour before, it hasn't got enough cherry for my liking, the chocolate was overpowering it. And that's saying a lot for someone with my love for chocolate...

The program is downloading now, though, on K's laptop because I'm staying the night at his place. He's in bed, not snoring for a change. It's almost worrying when you can't hear him. This afternoon a 50" plasma screen was delivered, so I'm looking forward to watching it on that tomorrow. He mostly slept through the delivery and the setting up of the thing on the mantelpiece too. He did talk to the delivery guy, but has no recollection of it whatsoever. I have Friday off because with Queen's Day and Ascenscion Day, both holidays, back to back on Wednesday and Thursday it made sense to take Friday off as well.

Our Unitarian Universalist minister is coming over to bless the apartment tomorrow. I'm not allowed to make jokes about peeing anymore.

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