Saturday, 12 April 2008

want Fries with that?

This morning I stumbled out of bed and went to make myself some breakfast. What should I choose? Yoghurt with crunchy muesli or rye bread. I stuck my head in the cupboard and thought, "Maybe I'll have fries..."

What? how did I get that? I rarely eat fries at all, and never for breakfast... Then I realised what I was looking at was a package of "roggebrood", or rye bread. "Fries" is Dutch for Frisian, of Friesland. I ended up having the yoghurt, some honey, topped with cruesli. I might add some banana too, next time.

And I had a brainwave after I saw a girl on the train eating yoghurt and cruesli/muesli from a tupperware box on the train last week. It seems to be a lot cheaper alternative than buying the same thing at the station.


evilganome said...

It really is cheaper to make it yourself and then carry it in tupperware. As a boy on a budget, I always try to carry lunch myself. Plus, it just tastes better.

SubtleKnife said...

The cafeteria is pretty good here, though. And obviously heavily sponsored by the company. Only last week when I had chicken sukiyaki and sushi did it ring up to more than five euro. The norm for me is between two and three.