Thursday, 17 April 2008

snail mail

A heads-up for all those wishing to send letters, cards and packages to or from The Netherlands: a postal strike has been announced as of next Wednesday.

The actions will take the shape of a relay, with The Hague to be hit first. On the 23rd no mail will be collected or delivered. Two days later it's Amsterdam's turn, followed by four more cities over the next couple of weeks.

If the unions don't get an improved offer on the 3% pay rise (1.5 now and 1.5 in April 2009) they will continue with the distribution centers from mid May.


joe said...

I haven't posted anything to NLD since I stopped writing my penpal "Eline" in Uithoorn about twenty years ago. I sometimes think of sending a letter to her parents' house just to reconnect -- I remember the address by heart.

However, once the strike is over, I'd be happy to send you anything you like from Santa Barbara. :-)

Stash said...

thank god for the internet. ;)

Plotter said...
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