Sunday, 6 April 2008

sci-fi and sushi (plus some singing)

Here be spoilers for Torchwood S02E13 and Doctor Who S04E01!

Yesterday I drove up to K's for Dr. Who night. First we watched the final episode of Torchwood season 2, which we missed* on Friday because we were out drinking. One has to prioritise.

We agreed the episode was great, although he didn't want Owen to die and I was cheering (shame about Toshiko, though). I loved the body in the freezer, although I was slow to understand why they didn't have to to wake Jack up every year like they did the World War I soldier - great! after I simply accepted as given that he'd been in the ground for almost 1.900 years dying and coming back to life again and again...

If they somehow revive Owen after this, or it turns out to have been a dream or some such, I will (1) scream and (2) never watch another second of Torchwood again.

K's homemade sushi was absolutely perfect. We had two varieties, tuna and prawn makisushi, and though the tuna was great, the prawn ones were to die for. We had them as we watched Dr. Who.

The first episode of the Doctor Who season was a disappointment in comparison (but then I would never compare them, The Doctor is The Doctor, it's traditional for it to be corny, have low production values and plot holes, in fact I almost find the production values too slick these days).

I'm not too impressed with the return of the runaway bride although we all laughed at the mime scene at the matron's office. The little fat babies were very cute, Sunshine and I were awww-ing over them but decided we wouldn't risk it because we didn't know what they would grow into.

What I hadn't thought of until yesterday is how they never use the interior of the TARDIS anymore. All you ever see is that ugly, dilapidated control room, where are all the other rooms, the corridors, that bell that tolls when they're in grave danger?

* I also missed a colleague who was on the first episode of some sort of karaoke show (it's about knowing the words rather than being able to sing). He won, but I already knew that. Here he is in the red shirt:

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