Saturday, 12 April 2008


Straight porn doesn absolutely nothing for me.

Okay, I lie, sometimes straight porn does a little. But never anything like the gay stuff. The men in these movies are at least twice as attractive as their straight counterparts, plus there are at least twice as many of them. A minimum of four times the fun!

Mostly of course, it's a part of me I don't share, but it can lead to funny situations. Like the time I went to meet a friend of K's in a gay bar and pointed to the monitor showing porn, saying "I know that one!"

On another occasion I met with a group of six (girl) friends at a hotel in Chicago for a weekend and played them a Falcon (NSFW) movie. These women were all very interested in the idea of gay sex (talking about it, reading slash fiction, even writing some) but as it turned out much less comfortable with seeing the mechanics of it.

Perhaps I really am a gay man at heart. A horny one - or is that pleonastic? If you want to stalk me, just promise to send me some DVDs and I'll happily tell you where I live!

EDIT: Perhaps I should mention that my family is pretty tolerant as far as soft core straight porn is concerned. When I was in my mid teens there was a station here in The Netherlands which screened an Emanuelle or Emanuelle-like movie every Thursday (I think) night.

My father would watch this while my Mom and I were in the room, Mom ironing or doing some other chore (she doesn't have the patience to watch any movie) and me reading and watching at the same time.


joe said...

Big difference between NLD and USA: My dad once told me he didn't want me to play Madonna records in his house when I was about 16. The man had a huge stash of porn, but we weren't so much as allowed to watch rated-R movies openly.

That being said, as a gay man I happen to love straight porn, and happen to find many of the men in it quite hot. Haha. I have mostly cut out any porn watching though -- I guess I've become technically morally opposed to it.

SubtleKnife said...

Before I checked out a few clips last week it must've been six months.

I find the porn industry very suspect, but porn itself is fine by me.

joe said...

Well, I guess that's really what I meant too... I'm just not sure I want to support the industry and contribute to people maybe getting "caught up in it" for whatever reason.

Definitely not sex- or porn-phobic here though. Just moral issues about the production. Just like I'm not really judgmental about prostitution, and legalization and regulation of it can only help -- but I'm not sure I'd want to "encourage" anyone to get into that line of work (not that it's any of my business). Maybe it's not any more soul-numbing than working on a factory assembly line... I'm torn.

he gay said...

As a gay man, I have to admit a weakness for straight gang bang porn. In my humble opinion, the straight men standing around, "waiting their turn," and trying not to touch each other is delicious.