Sunday, 6 April 2008


This morning I drove up to Amsterdam from K's, parked at one of the outer stations and took a train into town. (aside: I thought the Park & Ride scheme was free so they could encourage people to leave their cars, but it cost me €6,-. Not bad for a little over seven hours, but still...)

There were only three people at our adult religious education course, but that probably made it easier to come up with a plan for this June's service, which we'll organise. We have the skeleton, now it's up to everyone to help flesh it out.

Then we had a druidic ceremony for Alban Eilir, which was interesting and also kind of funny because the participants didn't really know what they were supposed to do, everyone was reading off their scripts and watching the druid leading the ceremony for clues. As it was such a beautiful sunny day and he had said that normally they wouldn't do this indoors, we had taken it outside into the church's garden, which may not have been the best idea because it did get cold as soon as the sun disappeared. My hands were purple, but I didn't really suffer, K on the other hand was looking like a wet puppy, shivering like mad.

Afterwards we went over to Prik and had a few drinks (mint tea for me, I was driving, after all), stopped by a friend of K's who has unfortunately got a very serious illness for a little while and then got ready to go home.

I was only just off the ring road around Amsterdam when I was in a near-accident with a German lady (at least she was driving a car with German plates), who decided to move into my lane without looking. I don't know about other countries, but over here in The Netherlands you're not allowed to change more than one lane at a time. She came from the first lane and I saw her signalling and moving into the second, no problem there.

Then she kept moving over into the third lane where I was. If I hadn't moved away, I would have hit her on the driver's side. Fortunately I was able to move out of the way on time. I happened to know both lanes to my left were free because I was paying attention, but imagine if there had been a car next to me: I might have had to broadside her (which would hopefully be better than running one of the corners of my car into the driver's door), with all kinds of nasty consequences...

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