Wednesday, 16 April 2008

gogo kosher

Sometimes, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I catch a show on the Dutch second public channel by the Joodse Omroep (Jewish Broadcaster), called GoGo Kosher!. It's a tiny broadcaster, the show is only on once a month so it's surprising how often I manage to catch it.

Two teams of two people have to prepare a meal - usually the episodes are themed - and a strict jury consisting of a food critic, a yiddische mehme and a rabbi decides who has won.

What I love most of all is when they go "And the red team has called for the rabbi already!" Then the rabbi has to trot out and check the eggs. This video shows a Chanoeka episode.
At one point one of the contestants asks the presenter, Michel, "Have you ever eaten boksoi before?" "Of course he says, in Chinese food." pause "Kosher Chinese, of course."

Almost forgot to plug Joe.My.God.. I adore his observations, mostly overheard conversations at Food Emporium. This one came so close on the heels of the latest episode of GoGo Kosher! that I had to mention it.

Food Emporium, 1st & 72nd, 9PM

Woman On Cell: "Well, you tell that your brother that if he dares to bring that little bitch to MY Seder, he is no longer my son. What? What? You know I don't care about that. And at least your uncle's boyfriend is Jewish."

I followed her for another minute to get more, but the rest of conversation was about fish. Seriously though, I get my best material at Food Emporium. Something about grocery stores makes people forget that other people have ears. I always take a pen to Food Emporium.

Source: Joe.My.God


evilganome said...

I didn't understand a word, but the host Michel is adorable. What food?

SubtleKnife said...

hehehe, I didn't realise until I posted this that maybe that has a little to do with my love for the show... ;)