Thursday, 24 April 2008

could do better

This was originally posted on my other blog Worth and Dignity, which has taken off even less than this one...

I keep telling myself I really ought to do more with this blog. Recently I posted this on 'the other side', with very sketchy report on the EUU's Spring Retreat, some UUSC history and a lot of inspiration.

And then the wonderful Father Tony of the Farmboyz - reluctantly - comes up with the idea to start a new Christian church. I agree the old ones aren't up to scratch.

I don’t know why I bother with this. It’s not like I personally need a religion. I just can’t shake the task. The errand has fallen to me much against my will. I’d really rather be cruising the Ramble, but let’s have at it.

I advise you to read the whole post, but its key ingredients are:

#1) How you share your penis or vagina with consenting adults or with your left hand is your business.
#2) Let there be freedom to subscribe to the particulars of God as you see them.
#3) Let there be abundant forgiveness.
#4) Let us become disciplined and skilled in the pursuit of happiness and peace.
#5) Let our church own absolutely nothing.
#6) Let us not care about whether this church has five members or five million members.
#7) Let the leaders of the new Christian church announce themselves.

I think I would feel right at home there. In many ways it exists already, because this sounds a lot like UU to me, except for it being Christian, of course the UUs let the secular humanists, atheists and Earth religions in, and #5, which is beautiful, but slightly impractical. Many churches and fellowships don't own much, NUUF certainly doesn't have its own a church, but it's convenient to rent somewhere so we can congregate. Some others own a lot (Shelter Rock anyone?) but do a lot of good with it. Money shouldn't be the end, but it may be a means.

The post has earned him a guest blog at The Bilerico Project.

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