Sunday, 16 March 2008

the writing on the wall

Another selection of pictures I took with Precious over the months. The third category is called 'the writing on the wall'.

I first took notice of this sign on the door of my favourite bar, Prik, because of the missing apostrophe following "neighbours" and the way driveway is split into two words, however I haven't sent it in to Apostrophe Abuse because English is not the author's first language and the sign makes up for its mistakes by being funny. I'm comforted by the knowledge that quiet sex is still okay. (Tip for those cold and/or rainy days: the ladies' room at Prik is quite spacious...)

quiet sex is okay

I've had ample opportunity to take a better picture of this, but I keep forgetting. Every time I take the 21 (or 51) past the hour train from The Hague Central to Venlo, the sign in Delft where I get off says it's an international train. I think this is funny because it's a bit of a joke to call people in Limburg, where Venlo is located, "reserve Germans". Venlo is almost on top of the border, but it is still in The Netherlands.

the train to Venlo, Germany is now boarding...

I copied a map from the Dutch rail site to show you where it is. The route from Delft to Venlo is marked in green. Then I felt I might as well add the places I do visit (most often) by train. Which are also the four major cities in The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

my train journeys

I've worked in the last three of those towns within the last year and I visit Amsterdam regularly. Right now I work in Utrecht and some kind soul at my present job has put up this nicely framed poster on the wall facing the personnel entrance. It lists the departure times to and from twenty cities.

where are we going today?

Did I post this before? It is some graffitti on the doors of a little transformator building (also near the pool, enlarge to see the whole thing) that puzzled me at first. The enlargement of the text isn't great. It reads:

"Martin = anti-drug = homo"

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