Tuesday, 11 March 2008

rainy days and Mondays

A great storm raged over northwestern Europe last might, there were flood warnings in the UK, fatalities in France, but over here, as far as I know, nothing happened but for a few gusts.

I take the same train now that I took to my previous assignment, only now it's just the start of my journey. Suddenly it doesn't really bother me that the train is already so full at this hour that I have to stand for the entire trip, after all, it's no longer the entire trip. There's still another train ride three times as long waiting for me at the other side of a two- or three-minute change.

Once there, I blog, I read, I nap.

PS. Today is the start of my new monthly pass. Instead of just the route between home and work, I can now travel all over the country. It was only 17 euro more, less than two trips to Amsterdam.


Blogseyeman said...

In English, Monday can be derived from Moon day, as Sunday can be derived from Sun day. The rest are Norse.

But Moon days are notorious for "holding water".

SubtleKnife said...

In Dutch Monday (maandag) is literally moon day; maan means moon and dag is day. The names of the days of the week in English and Dutch are very similar thanks to their shared good old Germanic roots. It's the Romance ones I can never remember!