Thursday, 6 March 2008

a present from my Papa C

Today I found a package from America on the mat when I got home, a present from my internet-daddy Chiron, or Papa C.

It contained two bracelets. One is light blue and sparkly with metal 'beads' spelling out Scissor Sisters, the other is black and reads I *heart* Rufus and I think they're gorgeous.

It's getting late and I was feeling tired at work today, so I should go to sleep, but I've been reading this great book, Until I Find You by John Irving. Funny paragraph (the main character, Jack, is eight at this point):

Having seen his first two vaginas in a single day, Jack was not surprised to learn that such a complicated place of business was given to periodic bleeding, but imagine the consternation this caused him when he mistakenly thought that this was the long-awaited event Emma Oastler expected to find evidence of in his bedsheets. To Jack's knowledge, his penis had not yet "squirted"; it alarmed him to imagine that Emma had meant he would squirt blood.

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