Saturday, 8 March 2008

my parents are PIMPS

They're coming back over this weekend (in an hour, to be precise), earlier than they normally would but not quite unexpectedly, because they're going to look at pupppies.

Not to buy one, but to check out their dog's handiwork. Although it wasn't exactly his hands that did the work. (I know, he doesn't even have hands, let's just say that was a major clue for me too, okay?)

Because he's a purebred, handsome fellow with a clean bill of health, it sometimes happens that owners of bitches ask my parents to have him service them - the bitches, not the owners, I'm sure my parents would stop at that. Also, those are completely different circles than the ones my folks travel in.

Anyway, they've only said yes three or four times, and they get paid for a succesful pregnancy (officially they get paid for a succesful coupling, but my parents don't think that's fair and won't ask for money if there are no babies). He certainly took to it like a pro and pretty soon there were two litters. Then a lady from Sweden came all the way over for him. This was a tricky operation because she had to wait until the bitch was ready and then get over here and my parents had to be available with the dog. I think she came over twice and it just didn't work. He would do his business, but no puppies.

Then there was nothing for a while, possibly from disappointment, but earlier this year they had another request and this time things went off without a hitch. What they do is put them together on consecutive days and both times they were at it within seconds. She conceived and last week the puppies were born. Since this place is closer, my parents will be staying the weekend with me.

I thought that in this day and age everyone had access to a digital camera, but apparently the bitch's owners don't, so I'll have to wait until my parents come back with pictures of the puppies tomorrow to see if there's a likeness.


Stash said...

I expect pix too.

*taps foot*

SubtleKnife said...

hehehe, I'll tell them.

They're planning to leave tomorrow after coffee, so around 10.30 AM CET. You do the math as to what time that is where you are...

more cowbell said...

"the bitches, not the owners" -- ha! Pimp parents. Impressive.