Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Easter

Friday when I drove K home, we saw a car covered in snow - or I did - and thought how odd. They must have had a very localised snowstorm or driven a long way.

Saturday was clear of any snow-sightings, but Sunday it seems the entire country was covered in a thin layer of the white stuff.

I meant to post a picture I took this morning, but unfortunately it seems to be too big in its current state to either upload directly or send by mail.

There was plenty of time to take the pic, as the rail company seems to be taken by surprise by the snow. It's only been there for two days before this, after all... How were they supposed to know this might freeze up the signals?

It seems the more alert I am when I wake up and the earlier I'm awake, the less I need to bother being on time. Something is bound to go wrong. Hopefully I'll only be half an hour late. It's not like I have to be there on the dot. But still. I'll have to make up the time.

But at least it made for pretty pictures. Not least the ones of the fruit trees which have been sprayed with water. Strangely enough, the layer of ice surrounding the tender buds keeps the temperature inside at or above freezing point, protecting them from the worst cold.

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