Sunday, 16 March 2008

glorious nature

This is the second instalment of a selection of pictures I took with Precious over the months. I split them up into categories so that the posts wouldn't get too big. This one is 'glorious nature', I really thought I had more nature pictures, but I can't find them. Perhaps I'm remembering times I wanted to take a picture, but for whatever reason, didn't.

First up, a couple of pictures I took at my old job in The Hague, which always had spectacular skies in the morning. During most of the time I was there I got in before sunrise and I had a front-row seat. This one is very dramatic with the crepuscular rays breaking through an ominously cloudy sky.

crepuscular rays break through the dark clouds

The next one could be called dramatic too, with its sweeping colours and contrasts, but it feels a lot more friendly than the previous one. You can see the lights from the office reflecting in the mirror, unfortunately I couldn't turn them off for the picture (although usually I got there around 7.15AM as the first of my team, I was generally not the first on the floor.)

the sky turns all kinds of pretty colours

Finally there's the picture of this weeping willow I took recently. I've known this tree for as long as I can remember, it stands across the street from our local swimming pool, on the edge of a canal. That is to say, a man-made channel, not the ones you see in the old city. This one has grassy banks - and geese, lots of them. Fortunately they tend to stay to the other side. It's been through the wars a bit, it's missing a huge branch, but it seems to be healthy enough otherwise. The shadow you see across the road is the swimming pool's. I thought it was pretty how the sun shone over it and hit the tree.

It occurs to me that I could have added the flowers from the previous post to this one instead. But they were cultivated, cut, arranged and placed somewhere.

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