Wednesday, 5 March 2008

bunny ears

On any given morning I drag myself out of bed some time after my 5.30 AM alarm and upon finding out it's much later than expected throw on some clothes, grab my bag and leave. The idylle of stepping out of bed rested at the very moment the alarm goes off and having a relaxed cup of coffee before strolling to the bus-stop for the 6.34, the first of the day has been achieved only once. And that was on the first day of this assignment, when I had hardly gotten any sleep at all the night before and felt wide awake at 4 AM.

Don't think my early mornings are filled with panic and stress, mostly they are dull and slow. But that's because for the larger part I allow them to go by on the automatic pilot, only taking over the controls at certain key moments like the two-minute change-over of trains, from track one to track four.

Whilst the auto-pilot is taking care of the mundane, I get to hang around in this really cool place with all these really cool ideas, my mind. Though mostly I just daydream about sex. And sleep.

Sometimes things happen that the auto-pilot can't handle, a bus driver drops us off in front of the train station instead of driving by it on the way to his allotted bay, or it malfunctions. Yesterday I was convinced I did not need to catch that train, so I stood back and watched it drive off.

And sometimes I get pulled out of my dreams by a sudden jolt, though I can't identify the cause. Until it suddenly hits me: the girl in the train on the other side of the track is wearing pink bunny ears.


Stash said...

Sweetie darling, I need to read your blog more often.

I too had a weird dream last night. Politics related. Obama had won the election, and I woke up with a start only to hear the alarm go off like a rocket.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Ahh, the waking up. It's unique to each of us. I almost can't know how it feels for anyone else. It's like our perception of color. Who knows what you see when you see what I call blue.

SubtleKnife said...

Yes, Stash, you do. But who is this Oh-whatsit guy you speak of? (K, the main fag to my haggery has donated to his campaign.)

K practically jumps out of bed in the morning, a quality I most definitely lack. I envy him almost as much as I envy my mother the skill to fall asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.

And thank you both for commenting!