Sunday, 3 February 2008

Scottish policeman nominated for sexiest gay "quite chuffed"

David Lyle
Chief Inspector David Lyle, from the Lothian and Borders force, today said he was flattered someone had seen fit to nominate him for the Sex Factor 2008 contest, hosted by dating site Gaydar. (...)

On his online profile on the dating site, which includes half naked pictures of himself, the inspector describes himself as a "big-chested, big-hearted man who laughs a lot". (...)

"I have had a profile on Gaydar for eight years and the force has known about it since day one. The main reason for using it is trying to reach out to police officers who are not out. I have been able to make contact with a lot of gay officers who have nobody to talk to."



evilganome said...

Great story. We progress.

kusala ~ joe said...

That doesn't really look like a man I'd have a desire to see half naked, I'm sorry to say, although policemen usually make me want to break a few laws.