Tuesday, 5 February 2008

the brain that wouldn't die

Jan Compton: "Like all quantities horror has its ultimate. And I'm that."

I'm in the process of watching this classic 1962 movie for the very first time right now. It is in the public domain and can be viewed online, for instance here.

With many thanks to Jockohomo for posting about it.

Sometimes I feel terribly left out for not getting to experience all those classic movies of the era, but it seems I get a shot at catching up, thanks to places like the Internet Archive. Pretty soon now I'll be able to identify all the references in this Scissor Sisters video. I always knew they were there, I simply couldn't tell you what they were.

Two completely unrelated notes:
  1. I got the job.
  2. There are some people trimming shrubs and stuff across the street and they insist on letting the engine of their wood chip cutting machine run continuously. The drone is driving me (more) insane.


Sunshine said...

Congrats on the job!

sageweb said...

I love Scissor Sister...and Congrats on the job. Does that mean less posts...more work?

SubtleKnife said...

Thanks - and I hope not! I'll probably take notes during the day. Secretly.

kusala ~ joe said...

Congratulations on the job. I'm reading from newest to oldest, so maybe I'll catch up on what it's about sometime soon.

kusala ~ joe said...

Oh, and speaking of classics, I realized I want to see "Day of the Triffids" again. I probably saw it 4 times by the age of 14, but not since then, and someone recently compared it to the upcoming film version of Jose Saramagao's "Blindness." From what I remember, Triffids is worth seeing again.

SubtleKnife said...

OMG That one I DID see - and it scared me half to death!