Saturday, 22 December 2007

deep and crisp and even

I walked home from town late this afternoon. I could have taken a bus in twenty minutes, but I like the cold (as long as I'm wrapped up warmly, of course).

The light sprinkling of snow we've had the last couple of days caused a very nice effect when walking on top of it. During the days, the trees have been dripping onto it and at night it has been freezing, causing a delicate icy honeycomb pattern that makes the most delightful sound when you step on it. It's the essence of the word "crisp", I love it!

I would have beaten the bus - K is right, I am a lot fitter than I used to be - only I stopped at the Chinese takeaway to get a ton of food, this might see me through until after Christmas! And though they're not very good for my figure or my fitness, I got some fried bananas to go with it.

The reason I was in town also contributed to my good mood. I treated myself to the Piquadro bag I've been coveting. It's a work bag, dark brown leather and nylon, businesslike (that's code for plain) but very stylish (did I mention how objective I am?). And it's got so much space!

When I got home I turned the TV back on, it always comes back on to the channel it was at before you shut it down, which in this case was BBC2. The current program was a show called One Man and His Dog, which is about sheepherding competitions. This reminded me of something I saw about a week ago.

There was this Swiss sheperd who had trained each of his dogs to respond to a separate language. If he would use a German command, one dog would respond, if he used French another and there was a third one who was instructed in Latin of all languages. I thought that was pretty funny. But surprisingly just then a Welsh shepard came on the TV show, explaining how he commands one dog in English and the other in Welsh, besides using different whistled signals.

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