Saturday, 24 November 2007

turkey day

This Thursday I celebrated my first ever Thanksgiving and it was great. I think it jumped straight to the top of my favourite holidays. Sinterklaas is too child-oriented, Christmas is either too religious or too commercial depending on which tradition you follow and you have to spend too much time locked inside the house with family with no escape because of the cold and because everything's closed (it is here).

I had such a great time with my "Addams" type family, K and Sunshine, and with a group of others, mostly K's friends, almost all of whom I knew already. It was at the house of a diplomat friend of K's who recently moved to Amsterdam and he served us the whole turkey dinner, starting with K's clam chowder, haricots verts, carrots, mashed potatoes, a 20-pound turkey (there were supposed to be twenty guests), stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie made by Marian and brownies.

Patrick, who is over from Chicago and who I met for the first time earlier this week, did a lot of work on the preparation of all the food, so I shall refrain from calling him Uncle Fester... (Sorry darling!)

We completely forgot the time and by the time we left there were no more trams back to the train station. I called for a cab and tried to tell them we were of the corner of somwhere and somewhere else, but they had to have the exact address. I think I gave them the wrong one under pressure (and 'the influence') and we ended up hailing a cab to the station.

Since there would be no more trains back to K's unless they left very early on, we had agreed to go back to my place, K, Sunshine, Patrick and I. But as it turned out, we had timed it very badly and there was a strange 90-minute gap between the last of the regular trains and the first of the night trains. To kill time we headed over to the Engel, where for the first time in my life (such good girl!) I experienced a bar closing. (It was surprisingly quiet.)

Fortunately we just made it back on time to catch our train (I believe K's watch is slow or something) or we would have had to wait another hour! We only got back home at 3AM, but it was thoroughly worth it.

Saying Thanks.

We followed the tradition and went 'round the table saying what we were grateful for. Mine are: the wonderful friends I made and regaining my health and my sanity.

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