Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I am already a winner

And it actually looks like it's for real this time.

It's a lottery type thing at the local supermarket and apparently I won one of the weekly draws, which means on Thursday night I'll find out which prize I've won. It could be an mp3-player, tickets to the Winter Efteling or a bike.

Unfortunately I'm not in the seperate draw for a Chevrolet Matiz, though.

It's probably going to be incredibly corny, but the ennui may be softened by alcohol, after all Plus prides itself on its great wine selection... ;-)

EDIT: it's not a Daewoo, of course, but I still hold it looks like it should be...

1 comment:

m00nchild said...

wow. you're the first person i know who's ever won anything like that.