Tuesday, 2 October 2007

a paper a day

I don't know if this is going to work, but I thought it would be a nice experiment for me to collect the articles from one particular newspaper that somehow attracted my attention and show them to you. Today's paper is the free newspaper Sp!ts

  • During his life the average Belgian eats a third of a horse, 5 cattle and calves, 7 sheep and goats, 24 rabbits and game, 42 pigs, 43 turkeys and other fowl, 789 fish and 891 chicken.

    I just wonder about all the bugs they swallow whilst sleeping...

  • The number of civilians killed by violence in Iraq in September has halved compared to the previous month. With 884 casualties this was also the lowest number this year.

    Does that mean anything? Did the surge work?

  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been forced back to the Netherlands because the Dutch government stopped paying for her protection whilst she was in the USA. The Dutch taxpayer has been coughing up for her protection while she worked at the American Enterprise Institute, AEI, because the US authorities aren't allowed to protect civilians... (?)

    As long as she's back here, she'll have protection again.

  • BearForce1 left for a US tour today.

  • Fuji Speedway will refund over 2 million euros to spectators of the Japanese GP Formula One last Sunday. Thousands were inconvenienced because the temporary stands they sat on hadn't been properly positioned, leaving them with little view of the track.

PS. I'm not really going to do one a day.

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