Sunday, 7 October 2007

is it or isn't it?

Riding on the train into Amsterdam a girl sat down next to K and pulled some sort of device out of her purse.

It was a one inch wide and two long pink cylinder with a rounded end and looked suspiciously like one of the very small vibrators women use, the ones that are only interesting because they vibrate. (Other women, not me - see previous post.)

Then I noticed there were two wires attached to it. First I figured it was remotely controlled, but I thought it was a bit odd to take it out in public like that. Fortunately I then noticed there were earbuds attached to the wires!

I sent both K and Sunshine a text message, as I was already messing around with my phone, saying "The girl sitting next to K has an mp3-player that looks just like a little vibe." And then, oh shame!, she was looking over at K's phone while he read the message. I'm not sure if she got it, she didn't seem to, anyway.

Those pocket vibes I assume are very nice when traveling, but not while you're traveling...

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