Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Since I watched K make sushi a few weeks ago, I've been itching to give it a try myself. For various reasons (time, money, other engagements) it took until today to finally do it. Then of course I couldn't find a toko (Indonesian for shop) where I thought there was one. But I walked around the neighbourhood and it was nowhere to be found. Out of desperation I went to the supermarket from some other groceries and lo and behold! They had everything I needed (which was basically everything except the fish, because I had never made sushi before...)

I ended up taking over two hours to make a plate of nori maki with tuna, mackerel and avocado and I think they turned out pretty well. I'd show you the pictures but my phone and my computer get into these tiffs, when they refuse to talk to each other. I wish I knew why, or how. Anyway, the first one wasn't tight enough and didn't close completely. That's my main problem, the other ones were better, but they were still a bit loose. Guess I'll have to work on my technique some more.

And after all that work? I wasn't hungry anymore and I had a glass of orange juice instead.

I'm suddenly reminded of the time I went to get some soy sauce from the deli across the road form K's apartment:

me: Do you have soy sauce?
guy behind counter: Uh, no. But we have Kikkoman.

EDIT: This was my very first attempt. As you can see they weren't quite perfect. Neither were my photographic skills:

Then I improved both my technique and my camera settings a bit:

Here they are both together, because I thought it was a pretty composition (but don't look at the background):

I decided that starting out making small ones may have been a bit ambitious and also for the sake of getting to bed some time before midnight (I exaggerate) I would try to make them a bit bigger:

And this was the final plate. What with the ones I already ate (I had to try them!), the ones on the edges that I had to trim and didn't want to display and the occasional bite of the ingredients, I didn't eat more than a couple of them. But they were pretty good.


he gay said...

When can I come for "bangohan"? That is amazing. Such a multi-faceted, subtle, knife you are! Big love from the Big Apple.

he gay said...

One more thing -- "tiffs" - genius, genius, genius verbiage in describing the inability of your phone and computer to communicate regarding photo files. I loved it.