Sunday, 9 September 2007

more books

So I've made my LibraryThing catalog public. Don't expect too much from it yet, I haven't added many books yet and there is absolutely no method to my madness. (I gave up earlier when I reached Shakespeare.)

Late last night I went to bed and almost immediately got up again, grabbed a pen and notepad and started scribbling authors and titles. I "did" three shelves, but the process of copying them into the catalog is a lot harder because I "have" to check out each author's other publications to see if I would like to read them in the future.

Still, I'm getting somewhere. But right now it's back to the Zodiac, I only got up because the coffee was ready.

EDIT: I just noticed my Complete Works of Shakespeare was printed in the GDR, I don't know why I find that funny.


BigAssBelle said...

oh honey, don't you read any trash?? good for you, improving your mind and maintaining intellectual standards. me? i'm a fiend for southern gothic literature. no shakespeare for this girl.

SubtleKnife said...

I have yet to add Anne Rice and a LOT of fantasy stuff. Does that qualify?

(The first three 'vampire' novels, after that I got bored with them. And I had an audio book of Belinda which was a very good sedative...)