Saturday, 29 September 2007


I think Monkey wins the prize for best post I'll read all day. Following a conversation with evilganome about their employer's inability to find office space for either of them and having to move to a new one every so often, he designed the "Mobile Administrative Desk Unit, or "MAD", which "would allow us to roam the halls while still concentrating on our increasingly urgent workload"

Being assigned at a company that believes in "Flex-workspaces" at the moment, I somewhat hear their plight. Teams have a certain area of desks assigned to them, but anyone can sit anywhere within them (and it's also perfectly okay - as long as you ask - for someone else to sit there). Employees have lockers in the hallways of each floor, with cases in which they keep their things - obviously not any paperwork related to work, but pesn, notes, staplers, whatever.

It would be nice to have a space to call your own, instead of a free-for-all for the available desks. On the other hand, making 9-hour days means I have to show up early if I'm going to have some of my evening left and at 7.15 AM I usually get first pick...

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