Saturday, 1 September 2007


I wrote this on Thursday afternoon as I was sitting at my work computer:

There's a woman in a pink t-shirt jumping like mad on the roof of one of the buildings across the street. She's using a little trampoline to do different versions. Lying in front of her is a man with a camera, I can see the flashes go off as she jumps. I saw her do a star jump, a victory punch in the air and one pulling her legs way up. But why would they go out on a day like this? We've had blue skies recently and they go out on a grey day like today... I'm puzzled.

Oh, and the company located in that building is the one that made my old cellphone. Not Precious.

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The A-Team said...

i bet they were out today on a cloudy day because the light is better that way. if it's a sunny sky, then you get all sorts of shadows and overexposure and stuff. especially if they're using it for an ad of some sort, they'll probably add their own sort of background to it anyway.

what do you think? just a guess...