Monday, 17 September 2007

hi there!

Just to let you know I'm still around, I've had a pretty busy week with little computer time outside of the office (I did write a few drafts while I was there, but I need a bit more time to look at those before I post them).

So let's have a little recap: On Monday I met up with K and Sunshine in Rotterdam, had a coffee at Café Floor. I bought a card for V, who was going into hospital that day and get operated on the next. Then around four we had some sushi at Happy Sushi. I'd never been at one of these conveyor belt places before. It was a bit early, so they didn't want to put everything on the conveyor belt yet, but they were only too happy to get what we asked for. They had good yellowtail nigiri.

After that we went to Strano where we met a group of British gentlemen celebrating one of their number's birthday with a weekend in Amsterdam and - for some reason I couldn't surmise - a day in Rotterdam... They were so nice and nothing like the, unfortunately often-true, stereotype. Nice gentlemen. Who bought us shots. Honestly, that's not why I liked them. I went home slightly buzzed, but still managed to set a high score for Snakes on Precious.

Tuesday, of course was filled with work and then racing to get to the "Conquer your somberness"-training and on Wednesday night after work I was just too tired to string two coherent sentences together. Doing laundry and washing my hair were the highlights...

On Thursday K and I had planned to visit V in hospital, but he called to say she was getting released that day. So I accepted an invitation from G, a colleague and friend, who had won a VIP-arrangement at the Baja Beachclub in Rotterdam. Since that didn't open until 10.30 PM, I spent some time with her trying to teach me how to belly-dance. It was an unmitigated disaster.

The club itself was, of course, quiet as the grave still, with only two other groups there besides us, one of which definitely and the other probably was on the same deal (I saw one group with the same ice bucket with cheap (and horrible) champagne).

Friday night K and Sunshine came over, I'll tell you about that and the rest of the weekend later. Now I'm going to have some coffee with K.

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