Thursday, 30 August 2007

things about me you didn't know and never wanted to

Someone just told me "blogging is more important than a digital shelf" and he doesn't seem convinced with my reply that "there's a widget I can add to my blog", so I'll take a short time out from this site to post something. (My profile is here, but don't expect too much, I only just started and the selection is decidedly random. And the going is slow because for every book I add to my shelf, there are ten I "have to" add to my reading list...)

Since I've already touched upon my slightly obsessive side here, I figured I'd post this list I compiled a couple of days ago:

  • I have a strange tic; whenever I am doing something else and then turn back to the keyboard, I tap the desk in front of it with the tips of my fingers, tap-tap, and then start typing.

  • I also have to tap the domed top of the rubbish bin at work with my nails every time I walk by it.

  • Sometimes I think I suffer from a mild form of synesthesia. For instance when I think I smell something strange, I will automatically turn down the sound down. (EDIT: I found another one: I just shielded my eyes to listen to something more closely.)

  • I had my ears pierced when I was six years old whilst I was with my grandmother. My mother was not consulted - or happy. These are the only two piercings I have, nor do I have any tattoos, brandings or such like.

  • I still have my favourite stuffed toy bear, Colargol, which I got shortly after birth and who slept in my arms for years. The pink fur is completely threadbare and the white parts were so bad that my mother crocheted replacement patches when I was around seven or eight years old.

  • I only have one eardrum, my hearing in the ear without is about 20%, fortunately the good one compensates a lot.

  • The left side of my face is "wonky" - my mouth is crooked and when I smile my eye pulls almost shut as a result of an accident during surgery on the inside of my ear which hit the facial nerve on that side.

  • For a couple of years in the early "naughties" I went to practically every match by my favourite football (that's soccer) team, home and away, including European cup matches in Russia and the Ukraine, warm-up matches against amateurs and even on training camps.

  • I can see a professional football stadium from my office window. One of my former offices was located at a football stadium, in fact it was directly underneath the stands.

  • Off the top of my head I can name at least six ways to get out in cricket: leg before wicket, caught, bowled, run out, handled ball, hit wicket oh and stumped makes seven. I think there are eight or nine in total. (In fact there are ten) But I've never been to a real cricket match.

  • I know two mobile phone numbers by heart and one of those is my own.

  • With a little stretching I could probably still do the splits.

  • I'm convinced that I heard one of our (my parents') dogs die several years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night and didn't hear anything else but was sure I had heard a dog yelping. I figured he had been dreaming and didn't go downstairs to check up on him. The next morning he was found dead in his basket. He had died of a freak, acute, colon problem. Now when one of their current dogs does it (the youngest dreams frequently) I have to check up on them. (except when they're sleeping with my parents)

  • Ever since I first heard/realised what was going on as a young teenager, I have never been embarrassed or put off by the sound of my parents having sex. I'm just happy that they're still enjoying each other.

  • I finished college debt-free. In fact I had a very comfortable stash in my savings account (it's all gone now)

  • I once paid cash for a new car.

  • I've touched a Formula One racing car and I sat on one of the wheels to have my picture taken.

  • I don't have a credit card.

  • I could read (a little) before I went to primary school.

  • I could join Mensa if I felt like it. I took the test (actually three tests) and got an invitation to join, which I ignored.

  • The local library rejected my application to become a librarian.

  • When I was two years old I looked like Shirley Temple, with long blond curls.

  • I didn't complete the parrallel parking during my driving test, however I passed the exam on the first try.

  • Whilst I enjoy memorising things for fun, I often have trouble remembering the simplest things.

  • I sleep with one teddybear (a new one, not Collargol), four pillows and at least as many books on top of my bed.

  • I don't really like gold jewelry but sometimes I make an exception for my grandmother's gold watch because it reminds me of her. (And not to show off, K…) But probably the best thing I inherited from her last year was the fan. (Especially because we had such a hot summer then.)

  • I've had a couple of dreams about having sex with Jesus. Partly they were inspired by a cartoon in a children's magazine.

  • I find it very funny that there's at least one person on this world called Siemen Cox, pronounced Semen Cocks.

  • When I go to the bathroom at work, I play Snakes on my cell phone.

Sunshine, this list was just for you! <3


Sunshine said...

I've had a couple of dreams about having sex with Jesus. Partly they were inspired by a cartoon in a children's magazine.

ah I bet this is the most precious one.. sex with Jesus..

On or off the cross?

SubtleKnife said...

No cross, just a four-poster bed on a beach...

Secret Admirer said...

See, I told you you were a librarian at heart. A hot, kinky librarian...