Friday, 24 August 2007

tears and laughter

Tuesday as I was walking up to the building in which the "Conquer your somberness"-training is given, I saw two of the other trainees standing outside the door, so I waved at them. They waited for me and the three of us - upon concluding that none of the other two had a light for the smoker among us - went inside. We were chatting and laughing and generally quite boisterous. Just as we were entering the elevator another lady got in and she asked us if we were also there for the "How to handle stress"-training. "No," came the reply, still laughing, "we're here for somberness". I didn't see the look of surprise on her face, but the others were laughing their heads off. Apparently we didn't look the part. I added "And the training works very well."

Of course this only caused more hilarity and we were pretty loud at the coffee machine in the hall too. Also the fact that one put down a cup ready for the other one to press the button for the beverage of her choice - only to find out that it was underneath the wrong spigot. As we were falling over each other with laughter, the lady from the stress-training was coming towards us, but then thought better of it and turned around.

People who suffer from depressions are not necessarily depressed all the time, and even when they are in the middle of a depression, they may have periods or just moments when they forget. And even when they don't feel better, they may pretend to.


BigAssBelle said...

i love the word "somberness." it's much better than the alternatives.

maybe there was a nugget of something there, in walking into the building with companions, laughing and experiencing a momentary joy?

i am convinced that it is the way of the world now that creates so much depression and despair in people. such isolation and the constant bombardment of images and sounds and just ALL OF IT.

i hope you will find more of these moments as time goes on. laughter is such a joy.

SubtleKnife said...

Don't worry about me, I'm feeling great. I'm doing this in case I have a relapse.