Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Poor Little Gay Boy Molested By Straight Woman

Poor Sunshine... K and I are very tactile and we will touch and hug and kiss each other a lot when we're together, even in public. But Sunshine doesn't seem to be too fond of touching those scary women (or just scary me...) I know I've startled him a few times and I really try to "announce myself" these days when I want to give him a hug, so he can make a quick escape if he wants to, but sometimes I forget and he just has to suffer suffocation in my boobs - okay maybe I'm not that bad!

The only contact he seems to initiate on his own is flicking one of my boobs, or pretending or threatening to. Oh, and once he toasted my right tit with a glass (I don't remember if I mentioned that here. When I said something about it, he thought it was because the left one was jealous, so he toasted that one too.)

(And yes, dear, I know you're not very huggish, not just with women. It's okay, sweetie.)

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TheBrightside said...

I can't really hug him either. Then again he never visits me so I wouldn't now anymore. Where o where has sunshine gone. Haven't seen him in so long. It's his boyfriend I would say.
Maybe I'll see him some other day.