Tuesday, 14 August 2007

mood of the day

Week two, Tuesday.

Mood of the Day

How did I feel? 8, amused.

How come? Just found a very funny website (see previous post), although I grumble about the training sometimes, apparently I do "get" something from it, K just told me I sounded like I was high or something. He sounds pretty good too, I'm very glad to hear.

My goal for next week is to go to the kickfun class at my gym on Saturday morning. One of the other trainees was talking about it tonight. She's going on holiday now, but we really should meet up there some time after that.

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BigAssBelle said...

boy i really need to get to the gym. i've been spotty since coming back from jamaica. there's a total body class, maybe like your kick-fun thing, that i love. sunday. i'll do it sunday :-)