Wednesday, 8 August 2007

mood of the day

Week two, day two, Wednesday.

Mood of the Day

How did I feel? 9, whoohoo!

How come? This morning the stupid Security department sent me an apologetic email, something unheard of (sez Flex co-ordinator)! Have also been commended from several sides for being proactive and suggesting I should help my old team instead of just hanging around doing nothing in particular. Both team managers liked it, my boss at the agency liked it, the Flex co-ordinator sounded a bit stressed out at so much... flexibility.
Also I went to the gym, as planned. It took a little bit of time to get my ass into gear after I got home, but I did it. Of course no records were set, I walked (not ran, that would kill my knee- and ankle joints in no time) 3 kilometers and then rode 9 km on the exercise bike. Watching re-runs of Mythbusters on Discovery and listening to Mika and Scissor Sisters on Precious. O, my Precious... She's going to come with me every visit to the gym from now on. And music definitely helps with my moods. Not all music, not the stuff that reminds me of boring Sunday afternoons of my youth.

Allowing myself a short summary here: I was assertive, proactive and energetic today.

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