Tuesday, 7 August 2007

mood of the day

Tuesday, new session tonight. We had to set ourselves a concrete, but manageable target today. It could be anything as long as it was aimed at combatting your depression - which I don't have anymore, but there are still lots of improvements to make in my life!

Mood of the Day

How did I feel? 7, okay

How come? The work I've been doing, waiting to start the actual work I should be doing, is running out and I still don't have the necessary authorisations. On top of that the person who's supposed to train me won't be back until a week from Monday. Got a bit frustrated with ICT Servicedesk and from them got the email address for the Security department that sent me a cryptic email. Sent them an almost bitchy message. And then I missed the stupid bus, which led to missing the stupid train. Of course the one twenty minutes later had another five-minute delay, so I got home just over half an hour before the training started. I had meant to read through the reader before I left (only five pages or so), not to mention eat, but all I could do was print out my "Mood of the Day" blog posts as evidence of my diary-keeping, jump on my bike and race for it.

What's my target? To go to the gym twice this week (Wednesday and Monday) and possibly even a third time if I'm not busy over the weekend. The psychologist thought it might be a bit steep, but I'll reach it. I should have been reaching it all along...

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