Monday, 13 August 2007

mission accomplished

Well I accomplished the goal I set for myself this week, went to the gym twice. I knew it wasn't really a hard task, in fact it's something I should have been doing all along. It's just that after 9 hours a day I don't always feel like dragging my sorry ass to the gym. I just have to accept that not feeling like it is not an excuse anymore.

As a special treat I took a sunshower. I'm not a great fan of tanning as some kind of competitive sport, but it might be nice to get rid of this deathly pallor. I actually tan very easily, I just don't go out in the sun, or I stay mostly covered up when I do. Going out in the garden/on the balcony and just sit there bores me. (I can't read because the sun on the pages hurts my eyes.)

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