Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Jeebus was a top

This is the funniest blog EVER! Totally hilarious! Please read these excerpts from the post Homosexual Blog Joe.My.God. Should Be Deleted and the Author Arrested (Admit it, it's hard not to guffaw at their chosen champion's name...):
It is hard to fathom that even the worst of our society, the sodomites, would consider the vulgar and often blasphemous tone of Joe’s ramblings entertaining. Then again, given that his target audience has turned their back on decency and natural law, and chosen a sinful lifestyle, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

Warning: Joe.My.God. is NSFW and NSFC. Proceed with extreme caution.

Remember Friends, A Vote for Sam Brownback is like a Vote for Jesus!

Sam Brownback in 2008 and again in 2012, because Sam probably doesn’t want homos in his church either!

[italics & links by SubtleKnife]

On the phone earlier, K referred to a passage in Corinthians, that might have been poorly translated (which probably goes for most of the bible, IMO) and that Paul* only had a problem with effeminate men. I can't really be bothered to dig into this right now, but it's a very plausible suggestion. In the Greco-Roman tradition there was little shame on the man doing the penetrating, he was just acting according to his nature, whereas the man letting himself be used as a woman was denying his masculinity, and should be ashamed. I believe it was not long after Paul's death that it was written into Roman law that no free citizen should let himself be used as a woman by another man (of course it was okay to use slaves).

* Paul, the first born-again christian, the first televangelist , the first christian fundamentalist, possibly the greatest influence on the way christianity developed - and he didn't ever meet Jeebus.


BigAssBelle said...

eek! i am always startled when people unexpectedly begin to talk Bible. my husband did it two years into our relationship. could have knocked me over with a feather. despite years of parochial school and church attendance, i don't have the language. i don't think lutherans are, in general, big on Bible. i have never been fluent.

SubtleKnife said...

Don't worry, darling, I'm still an atheist. But I do have a strange fascination with religion. K can definitely quote scripture a whole lot better than I can, but he's a Unitarian Universalist (as am I), so he's harmless. ;-)